Fusion 360 – 31 Day Challenge

So back at the Maker Space I issued a 31 Day challenge to everyone that was there.  Close all of your drawing / 3D packages and install Fusion 360 for the month of December….


I come from a Solidworks background and find it difficult to answer questions when people ask me how to do something as it is a very pricey software package and offering a tutorial for something that is more expensive than a hobby solution just isn’t feasible.  So, given that one of our members asked me to give it a try I looked at it one weekend when I was feeling under the weather and locked my self in the basement with a blanket and a heater for a few hours.  At first I was extremely disappointed or more specifically very frustrated but then I found a few preferences that changed my outlook on the whole solution….


From your name in the top right hand corner press the drop down and select Preferences


Some important things I found that really helped me feel comfortable was to Change Z axis to up and Select Solidworks as the Pan, Zoom, Orbit shortcuts.  This last one particularly helped because it means you can hold down the center mouse wheel button in order to orbit around the space.


Once I had these few preferences figured out I was able to successfully build a model with multiple parts and create some joins.  After a full afternoon I felt I had enough to get started and decided I would send out the challenge to all.


Now it was November 30 th and we were hanging around the space and I asked everyone there to join me.  I also offered to host a 1 hour introduction to everyone so we went next door.  Most people seemed interested and there were about 10 people in the room.


I am now at day 5 and have built a few models.  I still have some questions but am pretty happy so far.


I will try and write a few articles about the things I have figured out along the way.



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  1. Thanks for all of your hard work on this, Dave. Your tutorials have been excellent and although I have been quite reluctant to dedicate a lot of time to trying Fusion360, your encouragement and guidance have really helped. Unless you’ve done it yourself, few people understand how much effort goes into a 30 minute presentation, so on behalf of all of your Meetup friends and colleagues, many thanks!

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