New NL6621 SoC Launched

Found an interesting find and do not see much news about it yet…
ARM Cortex M3 WIFI SoC for $2.73 on taobao.com!
32 GPIO Pins (2 PWM), 160 MHz and 448 KB
Very few details around right now and what is around is mostly written in Chinese.  Still trying to dig up some decent information on this chip.
English User Forum just launched http://www.nl6621.net, so we can start hacking this thing as a big family 🙂
Also a video on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfAEKrsVNyo) showing different asian products that the chip is now in… its like a Chinese secret they keep… 😉
NL6621 Module



    • That’s a great question! It is an arm cortex M3 which is faster and gives it some nice promise unfortunately it looks like there might be some development required to catch up to the ESP8266. I personally have not had an opportunity to play as mine are still on the slow boat.


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