Backing Up Repetier 3D Printer Settings

Repetier HostAfter rebuild my new computer I went to fire up my 3D printer again for the first time.  Instantly I had that sinking feeling where I remembered the countless hours I had spent configuring Slic3r and Repetier.  Hopefully I wouldn’t have to start from scratch!


I had settled on Repetier Host a while back as my go to all in one 3D printing solution and this is a documented process for transferring (or just backing up!) your settings from one machine to another.  Now I make no guarantees that this is a complete guide, but this is what seemed to work for me.


Backing Up (Done on the old machine)

  1. Launch regedit.exe and browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Repetier then right click on the Repetier Folder and select Export.  Save this file someplace safe.  Example RepetierRegistry.reg
  2. Browse to C:\Users\dave.HUNTGANG\AppData\Local\RepetierHost and copy all of these files to someplace safe
  3. Browse to C:\Users\dave.HUNTGANG\AppData\Roaming\Slic3r and copy these files to someplace safe

Note: The folder dave.HUNTGANG should be replaced with the name of your user account


Restoring (Done on new computer)

  1. Double click on your Repetier Registry settings file.  Example RepetierRegistry.reg
  2. Browse to C:\Users\newprofile\AppData\Local\ and restore the RepetierHost folder
  3. Browse to C:\Users\newprofile\AppData\Roaming\ and restore the Slic3r folder
  4. Now simply Install Repetier Host from their website and you should be good to go!


My Data

Here is a copy of my settings for safe keeping, you are welcome to try them on your printer, but knowing how much tweaking I did, they are pretty printer specific.






  1. Daannnnggg, its really that complicated to transfer settings? Godforbid they are stored in a transferable ascii text file in some public and easily accessible location. Why make something simple when you could make it complex I guess….? *cries*

  2. Slic3r configuration can be specified on the command line from a shortcut by adding ” –datadir ” after the program EXE location

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