Congratulations! It’s a girl!

RepRapOnce you get a RepRap 3D printer up and running, what is the first thing you print???  Another printer of course!  It’s been a few weeks since getting my printer up and running.  I’ve learned a lot during this process but I have yet to solve the worlds problems.  In the past week I have undoughtably  printed over a KG of plastic.  The first week was filled with wrestles nights as I would constantly wake up wondering if the job had failed and not be able to fall back asleep until I actually got up to check on it.  I thought about putting a webcam in my office so that I would take a peek without actually getting up.  My wife laughed and even told me I check on it more than I checked on the kids when they were young.  She then labelled it as “my baby”.

Well, my “baby” just had a “baby girl!”.  After hours of printing a complete set of parts we have a new addition to the family.  Officially named RepRap #2 she is primarily printed in Pink ABS plastic.  She was born on April 11th at 9:42 pm and weighs…. LOL  Most impressive of this new printer is the fact that our 9 year old son completed about 50% of the assembly process.  I took over when he lost interest getting the electronics wired up and I grew impatient looking at it sitting on the desk all lonesome like.  I think he probably would have eventually completed the wiring (although I would have nit picked the end results) but it was the extruder which was the most complicated.

Her first print was a bath tub toy (Boat).  It’s funny how quickly you can get a child to agree to a bath when they get to watch their toy print out right in front of them!  RepRap #2 printed flawlessly on the very first try.  In fact, she prints even better than her parent!  I guess it really pays to be meticulous when assembling these things.  This time I wasn’t in a rush and worked at it a bit here and there which led to more time and certainly a little more patience.

All in all this project is going great!



  1. I’m really curious as to what these 3d printers are good for besides RXD and design projects. Oh I guess you can make doll house stuff like that. But can you make anything to sell? I’ve looked at them on the net and can’t see where I personally could make any money of one.

    • I guess it depends. I personally believe that they have many practical uses. Just take a look at http://www.thingiverse.com/, there are plenty of useful items up there. I was frustrated that the family kept turning off the light switch for the porch light that has a motion sensor, so I printed a cover which prevented that particular switch from moving while not affecting the hall light switch. I do not offer my services in any way shape or form, but a colleague at work heard about my work and asked me to print some custom RC plane parts, another colleague asked me to design and print a custom adapter for a gauge in his antique car. Sure there are a bunch of practical uses. Whether people would pay for it… Certainly! Just look at http://www.shapeways.com/, they offer 3D printing as a service so if they can build a business model on it I am guessing they are in it to make money. In fact, a good friend recently started a new off shoot of his wife’s jewelry company http://www.enviables.com/ printing items in gold and silver to anyone with a credit card and a 3D model!

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