Buying a RepRap

WP_000089After sourcing all of the components from various suppliers, parts started arriving.  I went with a build kit from www.mixshop.com and plastic printed parts from an ebay supplier to complete the set of parts I had not printed on the ModLab printer most of which where the big ones and I didn’t want to hang out in the lab for two days straight to finish everything.  I also ordered spiral wire wrap from ebay to help clean up the appearance.  Having heard a few negative comments about the electronics another lab member had received, I decided to double my order and get two of everything.  Sure might be expensive but I told my self it would also halve the amount of time to print larger jobs right? LOL

A week after ordering my kits from mixshop I found out that they didn’t have the electronics or heated beds in stock.  I worked out an agreement to have the kits shipped and pay an additional $15 to get the electronics shipped when they arrived.  About a week later the printers arrived.

Of course this is when I started talking to some friends about my purchase and my entry into 3D printing / RepRaps.  Aaron Ramsay suggested that the first few upgrades be a J-Head Mark V and a set of GT2 belts and pulleys to replace the printed pulls.

So In the mean time I heard a few great things about the guys over at Voxel Factory and decided to give them a try.  I ordered a heated bed, complete electronics kit, J-Head as well as the GT2 belt kit.  The shipping was extremely reasonable but most importantly it was super fast!  Pretty much overnight! Unfortunately Canada Post doesn’t deliver to my door…  I highly recommend you check them out!

Pretty soon I had enough of the components to start my build.

Update 2013-04-09: The electronics finally arrived from mixshop, but only half the order! Very frustrating!!!


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