Addict or Crazy? 3D Printing Fantasy

WP_000055So a few months ago, the local hackerspace here in Ottawa (ModLab) purchased a couple of Ultimaker 3D printers to replace the aging CupCake model which was old enough that most of the regular members had lost interest in.  I’ve always read about 3D printers and have always dreamed about the possibilities that could be unlocked by such a tool, but the prints from that cupcake sitting dusty in the back corner of the room didn’t impress me.  When I saw some of the stuff people had brought in from their own printers I new that I didn’t want to bother with the old printer at all…

That’s when I heard that we would be able to get a new printer for the lab.  After some discussion with a few of the veteran 3D printer gurus in the group the club decided on the Ultimaker with it’s preference for open source design and the ability upgrade and kinda future proof it’s design by utilizing the open source designs.


I watched in awe as the club purchased two printers on a Visa card one evening during ModLab and I knew right then that I needed to be involved in assembling the kit when it arrived!  Sure enough about 5 weeks later the printers had arrived and one evening during ModLab about 6 people began the process of assembling the printers.  Matthias took a pretty funny time lapse video of the ordeal.  That’s right, ORDEAL!  If you watch carefully you will notice parts go on, come off, go back on, come off again, and the cycle continues.  I guess the old saying too many cooks in the kitchen might have played a role here.  One person reading instructions and relaying to many people not looking at pictures turned out to be quite comical.  In the end we had the printer half assembled in a little under four hours.

A few days later a bunch of people met up and completed the build and it was ultimately ready just in time for the 3D Print-A-Thon the following week.  Since it’s completion I have grown an incredible fascination for 3D printing.  It seems I can’t get enough when it comes to reading.  In fact, I decided that the drive into the city to play with the printer was just too much that I have to invest in the “sport” myself.  This is where I go from Addict to Crazy! LOL


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