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WP_000062 Oh what to do, what to do…  I decided I wanted a printer, but wasn’t quite sure what model I would build. The Ultimaker is nice, and it would be great to have something I am already somewhat familiar with and have some local help to support but the cost was a bit of a put off.  On the other side of the scale, the Printrbot JR is cute and certainly in the affordable price range at only $400.  After seeing Aaron’s Printrbot JR in action at the 3D Print-a-thon was a huge motivator given the quality of prints he was able to pull off, but the build platform just didn’t seem big enough.  Somewhere in the middle I figured the RepRap Prusa Mendel i2 landed.  With an almost equivalent build platform and a completed cost at around $600 to $800 I decided this was the route I was going to take.

Since I didn’t get a complete kit, I have had to look around for a few things like plastic parts.  I’ve also had a few issues with the company that sold me the kit not having a very accurate inventory system and am still waiting on a few items from them almost a month later.  In the mean time I went and ordered some of the main missing inventory from another supplier Voxel Factory out of Montreal and am very pleased.

Since the RepRap is a self reproducing 3D printer, many of the plastic parts used to build it can be 3D Printed.  I have been using the ModLab printer a bit to try and print a set of parts for my own printer.  Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!

Next post will be a bit of the build documentation.WP_000061


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